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Some thoughts about the various websites I've been visiting during the process of updating our own:

With regard primarily to hawkers of metaphysical items on eBay - and one in particular that simply annoys me...the Crystal Ball one I'm thinking of was designed to appear as though someone lacking aesthetic skill cobbled together some huge, pink text on a long scrolling page about how powerful the magic is in this ball, how unique it is, how special the buyer should feel that this is even released to the unwashed masses... Wow - how fortunate I feel!  Reality:  Guerilla Marketing in the spiritual tools realm by the same type of methodology that advertisers employ in the National Enquirer ("Amazing Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed!!!  Just $19.95 for YOUR EXCLUSIVE REPORT"... that sort of thing; it must work, considering how prevalent this sort of advertising is.  Sadly, exploiting the gullible seems to be the profit margin relied upon by the Madison Avenue types).  Traditional marketing focuses on identifying (or creating the illusion of) a need, flaw, hardship, insecurity in your target audience, and then presenting a neatly packaged cure for it.  The most egregious examples of this type of marketing essentially make a mockery of the technique - those attempting to sell 'male enhancement pills', 'Amazing Stock Secrets', 'Burn fat while you sleep'; so is it unreasonable to expect 'Bid on our Magic Crystal Sphere'? 

It's thinking about this ad that caused me to consider what approach Cece and I should employ to 'market' our handmade goods.  Our convicton is strong; we are merely creating the objects, and in so doing convey the best of our positive energies, inspired by the natural surroundings of our home.  Nobody can put magic into something for someone else - nor SELL that notion to the highest bidder!  The magic is your own, the connection you feel to the object, and embracing its origins and the spirit in which it was created.  It is a conveyor of magic, not a vessel for it.

If we lived in another time or situation in which our need to earn money for the sake of maintaining our current, very modest lifestyle was unnecessary, the items we make would be properly given only as gifts - the true spirit in which most spiritual items should be created and passed to another.  Our websites are a compromise in the attempt to bridge the old with the current; we can still give our work as gifts, and as well we can also reach many more like-minded souls via the web and provide them with something that was handcrafted with care and attention.... crafted with Intentionality.

While we put our best intentions into our work, we will not perform any ritual upon or with any item we are not making strictly for our own use.  That energy is incumbent upon you to place into the item once it's yours.  Consider for a minute how odd it would be to actually receive someone else's magic along with the object; what if such supernatural power conflicted with yours in some way?  Bid on a sacred item in order to obtain someone else's energy - believing we have none of our own or that somehow our own is less valuable than another's?  Preposterous!  I'd say this previous sentence provides the insight into what enables this type of marketing to be successful in the first place; someone has suggested that your own power is less worthy.   Pretty insulting.

Our not being Native American by birth may initially cause one to think about our efforts in a derogatory way.  The traditions we are helping to perpetuate are not unique to Native Americans; they are nearly universal to Earth-centered cultures of  an earlier time.  That said, we are respected for our lifestyle, values, and quality of craftsmanship by many of our local Native Americans.  We are all together on this beautiful but lonely planet - does it really make a difference which landmass one is birthed on?  I'm insulted by attitudes that confer superiority upon someone merely by the circumstances surrounding his/her birth - what matters is how one lives his or her life and what values one teaches his/her offspring.  The best thing that could happen to our planet and our civilization is that we all adopt the ways of our ancestors and remaining indigenous peoples; the sooner that is recognized, the healthier we will all be in our relationship to each other and the closed ecosystem that sustains us.

We are at a time in history when the Industrial Revolution must be urgently replaced with an Environmental Revolution - how to balance the respect that the ancients had regarding their natural place in the scheme of things with all of the material trappings and conveniences that the modern war-machine economy has bestowed upon its taxpayers.  We hope to be able to provide our little piece of insight in that path of the unfolding of the future.



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